Square one…

So here marks the beginning of my journey into blogging. I’ve never written one before and I’m not much of a social networker and yet here I am putting down the first bundle of words that will be my first blog.

So why write one now, you may ask. Well, I’ve taken a more unusual route than the norm might dictate to finally arrive at the place I’m at now. I managed to live my ‘rock’n roll years’ as a variation of a rock’n roller (albeit a mild one) in the perpetually touring and now (as I write this blog) almost defunct Barrage show. I had an experience of a lifetime (I expect there to be more) and learned a lot of things. Some perhaps more applicable to the betterment of my future than others but none of it was wasted. I don’t think there will ever be a time when I won’t miss that decade and the people who became my second family.

But now I’m moving on, I’m almost one third of the way through a bachelors degree in Digital Media and Marketing and I’m determined to find a more permanent job that I can devote my time, effort and passions to. My degree is a combined honours course at Manchester Metropolitan University and I’m crafting my options towards the front end web development and design areas in the hope that an awesome digital media agency will want to take me on as their new bright spark.

This blog will journal my discoveries and learnings in the world of web design and creative digital media in general and maybe once in a while I’ll see fit to ramble like today on some thoughts. See you over the next few years.

Now where’s that publish button?

Matt Harney

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